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One on one tutoring is one of the most effective methods of learning. It allows a personalised approach which provides unparalled opportunities to tackle learning challenges.

To get the most out of tutoring it is important that the tutor be patient, skilled, and an experienced teacher. That is why we handpick only the best tutors available.

We provide tutoring in a variety of subjects for any age and level. We can either come to you in Wollongong, or conduct lessons online. Continue reading below to learn more.

Maths Tutoring

Founded by a mathematician, Illawarra Tutoring has a strong philosophy of mathematical education. Our philosophy is rooted in ideas of mathematical playfulness that lend themselves to the establishment of strong principles in a student's toolkit for mathematical problem solving.

Despite what is commonly believed, mathematics is a deeply intuitive subject. Without a firm grasp of the intuition underlying mathematical ideas, true success in mathematics will always lie just out of reach. The true understanding of what's going on in a maths problem lies beyond the abstraction which scares all too many students away.

Unfortunately, the way mathematics is taught today is fatally flawed. Students are often only taught the abstraction and left to uncover the underlying ideas on their own. Without a good teacher or tutor, most students are left to flounder under this approach.

Leading With a Spirit of Playfulness

At Illawarra Tutoring we do things differently. By engaging with mathematical ideas in a grounded but playful way, we guide our students to uncover new mathematical ideas as if they had discovered them by themselves.

This playful approach is one of the most fruitful avenues of mathematical and scientific discovery. But more importantly for our students, it can make topics like fractions, geometry, or even calculus and linear algebra not just possible, but even fun or beautiful.

The description of mathematics as beautiful may surprise many, but among mathematicians it is one of the adjectives that gets the most use. The only way to see this beauty is to actually go through the process of discovery yourself, and we use this to inspire our students to develop a deep love of maths.

Mathematics has been called the science of problem solving. By developing skills of mathematical problem solving many new doors can open across your entire life. Our goal is to inspire this spirit of playfulness in each and every one of our students, to give them a firm foundation in problem solving to last a lifetime.

We have tutors who specialise in every level, from early numeracy to university, even from PhD holding professional mathematicians. Sign up to book your first lesson, and see what a difference our approach makes.

English Tutoring

English is about so much more than the English language. It teaches a large number of powerful communication and comprehension techniques, many of which are critical for university and beyond. Unfortunately, many students are never taught why they are being asked to do the things they are doing, leading to a chronic lack of motivation.

Studying English teaches powerful communication skills

Essay writing teaches students how to structure their thoughts into a coherent argument, and communicate their ideas effectively. This is a critical skill in all levels of higher education, including hard STEM fields like science, engineering, medicine, and even mathematics.

This is also an important skill in life. Being able to structure your thoughts and communicate them clearly is a skill with benefits in every stage of an individual's career and personal life.

Studying English teaches you to think critically from different perspectives

The ability to think critically from different perspectives is a muscle you must work to build. Not only does it help us to understand what a person is saying to us and why, it also allows us to better understand our own personal biases and how they might impact our decision making.

When we are able to look at a subject through multiple perspectives and understand their respective lenses, we can evaluate all the available information and form our own views on the issue.

Studying English broadens your horizons

Studying English provides an opportunity to study many different perspectives. The texts encountered in English class provide students access to experiences and perspectives they would never have access to in their own lives. This enables students to develop stronger imaginations, but also a stronger sense of empathy and tolerance for others.

At Illawarra Tutoring we believe in teaching from a place of respect for our students. By providing our students with an understanding of what they are being taught and why, we instill the motivation and love of learning necessary to get the most out of their education.

We have tutors who can teach anything from early literacy to university level. Sign up to book your first lesson, and see what a difference our approach makes.

Science Tutoring

Science is the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the world around us. Over the last few centuries, scientific knowledge has allowed the construction of a world where people are living lives that are longer, more secure, and more fulfilling than at any other time in human history.

Even mundane aspects of our modern lives use technologies that would have seemed like true magic, even to our great-grandparents. In addition, science allows us to see the universe in a depth and precision that can defy belief, and creates a deeper connection to the world and universe around us.

But what's the point if you're not going to be a scientist?

Science is becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. With the advent of new technologies, we are increasingly reliant on scientific knowledge to make decisions about our own lives.

Scientific advances over the last century have made the world more and more complicated, and we are now at a point where being an informed citizen at even a basic level requires an in-depth knowledge of scientific principles which takes years to develop.

Worse, the gap in scientific understanding many people have enables charlatans to take advantage, by donning the prestige of science while peddling snake oil. From medical consent to choosing a car, more than ever, having the skills to learn new methods and concepts in science is necessary for fostering a healthy and prosperous life.

Science opens the possibility of many lucrative and stable career options

In the 21st century, more and more jobs are opening which require good scientists to develop and use new and emerging technologies. However, studying science doesn't limit you to just these careers.

Much more than a body of knowledge, learning science represents a process and a skillset. Doing good science requires the ability to be precise, to quantify and measure phenomena around us, and use data to draw meaningful conclusions and generate predictions. This is an invaluable skill for any business, and people with a scientific education are highly prized.

For example, Dr. Ernest Chan is trained as a physicist, but has taken those quantitative skills he developed and is now a giant in the quantitative trading sector. Indeed, businesses in a variety of sectors pursue people with scientific training to solve an endless list of problems, and these job options are only set to grow as we enter the age of big data.

At Illawarra Tutoring we offer science tutoring with university students and PhD holding research scientists. We can offer tutoring in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Life Sciences at any level, and more. If you'd like to learn more about our options please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many more!

We have tutors with a wide variety of backgrounds, and we are sure we have someone with the expertise to meet your needs.

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